Tactics for Flirting at Street: Find a Flirt Easily

When I started flirting (in 2006), YouTube didn’t exist. If you wanted to see guys approach you had to meet them on the ground.

In a way it was no worse. Because, let’s not be fooled, Youtubers are like girls on Instagram: they select the images and only show those that highlight them.

Meeting a real flirty gives you a much more realistic perception of the effectiveness of his approach. At least you also see the back side: its successes and its failures.

On YouTube you can’t tell how many takes it took for the guy to have a good interaction. It can be two or three, but it can also be more than twenty …

Proven tactics for flirting at street

The advantage at the time was that it was still relatively easy to meet good people.

On the one hand because there was more than today ( it is a practice that is lost …)

On the other hand because the guys in the community did not seek to “monetize” their skills as soon as they managed to take a few numbers on the street, by launching their own YouTube channel.

You could meet lots of women or guys for free, often better and more experienced than current coaches / youtubers. It was a great time to get started!


Real tactics for flirting at street

So, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of girls, in Paris as in the provinces, and by observing them I realized that the best of them had two common denominators:

They simply dredged, without taking too much head.

They were cool, even when the girls didn’t seem interested at first.

If so many guys are hyper reactive and funny at the approach, it’s not because it works better, but because it makes them feel better (be less nervous).