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I started with text chat, but now I want to show my webcam

No problem! If you decide to start viewing your webcam, just click “Activate Camera” in the big box at the top of your screen. Your web browser will request access to your webcam, which will allow you to immediately start the Ome TV video chat!

Can I chat in text or voice mode at the same time?

Absolutely! The text chat is always available to the right of the video image and is displayed for you and the person you are connected to. If you also want to use voice chat, simply connect your microphone and mount the sound on your speakers!

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How do I connect with a new person?

To establish a new connection, simply click on the arrow / next button and you will instantly connect with a new stranger randomly.

How can I remain anonymous?

Staying anonymous is very simple. As you will see, none of your personal information is displayed for the person you are chatting with. To remain confidential, simply avoid providing personal information such as your real name, address, phone number, email address, or other information that may reveal your identity.

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How can I stop the video chat?

If you want to pause, just click the stop button at the bottom of your screen. With this transaction, you will be directly disconnected from the video chat line and until you are ready to start chatting again, you will be left the chat.

Online Chat With Girls for Free on Ometv Random Chat

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Why can not I connect to the video chat?

Make sure you have chosen your gender and accepted the terms of use and privacy policy before logging into the video chat platform. If the video chat is downloading slowly, check your internet connection.

Why can some users see me on one camera while others can not?

This problem is usually caused by an internet browser problem. Try reconnecting to Ome TV using any other web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Why OmeTV appears in a foreign language / shows my location incorrectly?

This problem is probably caused by a proxy server or a virtual private network. If you use either, our system will assume that you are logging in from that country and will display the language and location as such. To solve this problem, stop your proxy server or virtual private network before connecting to

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