Online Video Chat Rules

So what are the rules that we should know and follow when we have a OmeTV Random Video Chat

Rule of naked images Rules
Divert the camera to a video
Rule to differentiate

• Showing parts of the body that make up the sexual perception

• To make actions or actions that can be understood as sexuality

• Sharing naked images

• Not showing the face part

• Not showing the face part

• Closing the camera with an object

• Transmitting a dark image so that the face cannot be seen

• Divert the camera to a video

• To differentiate between religion, language or race

Ometv Rules
Insulting words
Ometv Online Rules

• Making signs or implications that may mean defamation

• Insulting words

• Making depressive or offensive comments

Spam Activities

• Share images containing any ad purpose

• Paste an ad URL into the text section

• Request other OmeTV users to share ad content