OmeTV.Online – 2019 Reviews

Which Countries Visited Ometv Most in 2019?


In 2019, our website was visited mostly from the USA. According to the announced rates, 34% of users came from the US.

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Germany ranks second on our list. ABD is followed by Germany with 9%.

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Another country that has strayed from 50 countries and entered the list was the United Kingdom. It takes up 8% of the chart.

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2019 Ometv Online Data Analys

Ometv Explained the Data!

Do you want to know which countries visited Ome TV in 2019? Which country’s citizens do you encounter the most in Ometv? When the questions from users were so much, he decided to publish ometv data. Here are the countries that provide the most visitors. The top three are the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.

According to the data; most visitors come from the USA with 34%. 52% of these visitors are women and %76 are 18-24 years old.  Germany stands out from 50 countries and ranks second. Germany provides 9% of all countries. 47% of visitors from Germany are women and %81 are 18-24 years old. Behind Germany is United Kingdom, and the percentage slices are very close. United Kingdom makes up 8 percent of the cake. Again, the majority of users coming from the United Kingdom is composed of women. The proportion of women is 56%. And 78% are 18-24 years old.

Finally, Indonesia is fourth with 5% and Indonesia is followed by Sweden, Australia and Canada. We will be back soon with new data analysis. Stay on track.