Methods to approach a girl at the street professionally

Let's take a simple example: imagine two men who will be called A and B

A is small, paunchy, badly combed and badly dressed. He reeks of perspiration and his body language shows a cruel lack of self-confidence. However he bought a great online training from a mainstream seduction blog called “The Ultimate Method for Successfully Approaching a Girl”. He paid a little dear, but now he knows dozens of funny and original openers!

Successful methods to approach a girl easily

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B is a big guy with wide shoulders, without a little fat under the T-shirt. He has impeccable hygiene and look, an upright posture and assured body movements. Since he has already accumulated a lot of positive reference experiences, he finds that the openers given by mainstream cruising blogs are overrated, too complicated. He prefers to go to the simplest, launch a very rudimentary direct opener (“hello” + compliment).

Question: which of A or B will be most successful on the approach?

B, it’s obvious!

Why: because the meta-verb of B is excellent, while that of A is very bad!

Even admitting that A sort of approach sentences that really hit the nail on the head, while B just says “Hi, how are you?” “, It would still be B who would have the best feedback.

Truth be told, B could even go to the girls and say something completely random like “Hi! I love Nutella. And you ? », It would be more successful than A with its openers made in the seduction market …

Besides, it is very likely that A will struggle to interest girls regardless of his approach phrase. Simply because he projects an image of himself that is too unattractive.


Working methods to approach a girl at the street

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Of course, this does not mean that the approach phase has no influence on the result.

If B started to use more sophisticated openers, it would encourage more women to get into the interaction, and it would get better results.

However, as long as a man’s meta-verbal is not at least correct, the quality of the approach phase will have very little influence on the final result. To want to learn the “best” phases of approaches before having an attractive meta-verbale is to put the cart before the horse.

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