How to pick up women at street easily and fast? Tips and tricks for men

When you are about to approach a girl on the street: don’t get noticed.

If a girl “screeches” at you, her reaction is usually much worse than if you approached her by surprise.

The reason is rather simple to understand…

Imagine walking on the street and noticing out of the corner of your eye that a big guy is coming towards you. You quickly understand that he is coming to speak to you, but you do not know the reason. So you automatically make negative assumptions.

You will probably tell yourself that he is coming to ask you for money, or to annoy you, and inevitably you will put yourself on the defensive to send him out for a ride.

It’s about that reflex that women have when they see a man coming towards them.

How to pick up women at street without fear? Tips for 2020 year

Understand that, compared to a woman, a man is on average more than a good ten centimeters, heavier by a good fifteen pounds, has both a lower fat mass and a rate higher testosterone. Her physical superiority makes her a potential threat to her if her intentions are bad. That’s why any girl can get scared when she sees you coming up to her on the street.

You too might be worried if a taller, beefier stranger walks up to you, even if he doesn’t seem particularly mean.

When a girl sees you coming towards her on the street, she guesses that you are about to approach her. But she does not know how you are going to do it and fears the worst. So she’s pointing!


How to pick up women at street within minutes?

This is why I strongly recommend keeping the element of surprise.

If she does not see you coming and you manage to explain your intentions to her (via your opener) before she has had time to get her negative scenario in mind, your explanation will become the “official version” of your presence.

You will then start the interaction on a much better role: that of the courteous and courageous guy VS that of the extra whore who comes to flirt with her.